Online and telephone counselling

Online and teleC19OT_1 (1)phone counselling is an effective and evidence-backed way of delivering counselling. I have recently completed a BACP/Open University course in offering On-line counselling during the coronavirus pandemic. I am currently also undertaking further on-going continuing training in online and telephone counselling to ensure my skills are as up to date as possible.


Online and telephone counselling has benefits such as;

  • convenience – you don’t need to leave your home and travel to a counselling centre/practice.
  • accessibility – If you are housebound or prefer not to leave your home. Or perhaps it is difficult for you to leave your home for various reasons; this option may allow you to access counselling when previously it may have been very difficult for you.
  • privacy and personal autonomy – if you don’t like your appearance and prefer not to show how you look, you don’t have to.

If we agree to video calling via Zoom, I will ask you to download the app before our session. On the day I will send you an invite to our meeting room and a code you will need to enter the meeting. It is more straightforward than it sounds. Payment for the session to be made on the day, I will send you my bank details in advance. I will do my best to put you at ease and help you with any technology glitches if I can. Just find somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed. Grab a drink of water and some tissues if you wish.

For telephone counselling, I will contact you on the number you prefer at the time that we agree. As above, find somewhere you won’t be disturbed and grab a drink of water and some tissues as required. Again, payment for the session will be via bank transfer with the details I send you in advance.

With either option, technology can sometimes not be 100% effective. If we lose connection, I will contact you back, and will never deliberately cut you off. If we cannot reconnect, then we will re-book the session and the remainder of the time you lost will be delivered at no extra cost to you.

Please state what option you are interested in when you contact me. Please note that I do not offer currently offer online/telephone sessions to couples.