The autumn can be a time to desire to start anew, we can align our thinking with the traditional new academic year, even if it was many years since we studied, something stored deeply in our unconscious is telling us to seek out new beginnings.

So maybe it is time to seek out new ways of thinking about how to monitor and protect your mental health. Are there any changes that you could put in place to feel better about yourself? I am going to form this blog around how we can take better care of ourselves using the word October.

O – opportunities. Sometimes it is hard to try new things, go to new places, meet new people. The comfort zone is comfortable, but not much grows there. Human beings have an actualising tendency, which means we have an innate drive to improve ourselves to meet our potential. This drive can become stifled if we don’t pay attention to our needs or let fear stop us learning new skills. Maybe it is time to say yes when opportunities arise?

C – cognitive. In particular monitoring our thoughts. And giving ourselves permission to take a pause and to acknowledge, but not necessarily act, on thoughts. Remembering they are not commands, just thoughts and you are in control of how you respond to them.

T – Therapy. If you are not feeling okay then finding a therapist who will listen with empathy and help you to untangle thoughts and release feelings in a confidential non judgemental space could make all the difference.

O- overwhelm. That uncomfortable feeling that everything is too much for you. Talking to someone can help to release some of the tension. Try not to bottle up your feelings, acknowledge them, sit with them, and notice how they slowly pass. Feelings are temporary states.

B- breathe. Our breath is such a powerful tool that we can use to ground ourselves and bring us into the present moment. Learning breathing exercises such as the 478 technique can relax and de-stress.

E – excitement. When was the last time you got really excited over anything? Like a small child at Xmas time seeing Santa? Let me tell you something – You are not too much! It’s okay and necessary to have times of joy and excitement. Don’t stay in the shade, let your free child out to play and revel in the fun that can be had when you do !

R- rest. Life can be busy, hectic and demanding. Listen to your body if it is tired. And rest and recover as necessary. It’s not lazy, it is stepping off the mouse wheel and looking after the needs of the most precious thing in your life, you.

With my warmest wishes as always, Sue x

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